Zeeno for Orthodontists & Dentists

Zeeno acts as a ‘practice ambassador’ playing videos to introduce your practice, your dentists, and orthodontists, and even show what new things you’ve brought to your office.

Meet the Orthodontic Assistant that keeps on giving.

Zeeno can help explain to your patients different kinds of dental and orthodontic treatments like crowns, dental implants, Invisalign, clear-aligners, Herbst appliances, and braces.


Next-level patient experience for trips to the orthodontist.

Follow Me

"Tell Zeeno to follow you."

Go to Location

"Send Zeeno to an operatory or reception."

Escort Patients

"Hey Zeeno, escort Todd to chair one."

Fetch an Item

"Hey Zeeno, fetch me a basic setup from Sterile."

Ask for a Review

"Hey Zeeno, ask Todd for a Google Review at Chair one!"

Say Something

"Hey Zeeno, tell Dr. Lemchen his next patient is ready!"

Charge Up

"Hey Zeeno, go to chair one and charge Todd's phone."


"Hey Zeeno, show Todd 'How to Brush."

See how Zeeno has impacted orthodontic clients.

What would you like to say about Zeeno?

If you ever get tired of it, i'll take him home!

This new technology is amazing!

This is the beginning of the future. When will Zeeno take me out to lunch?!

Zeeno is a really cool invention!

This was a really cool and fun experience!

Zeeno was very cool 🙂

It's a really cool robot!

I really liked it, I thought it was cool!


I am so impressed!

It was a cute and welcoming distraction 🙂

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    Zeeno heads over for an installation, triple quality check and gets ready to head to your practice.


    Zeeno's shipped off to your office, it's new home!


    Zeeno is setup remotely or on-site if you choose, mapped and introduced to your team!


    Turn on Zeeno and immediately transform your practice and wow your patients!

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