ZNO Robotics now Zeeno Robotics


We’ve changed our brand!
We’re excited to formally announce our newly rebranded company! The most significant changes you’ll notice are the updated logo and new url (https://zeenorobotics.com), but there’s more to this rebranding than just a new look. This update reflects the many changes we’ve been making to develop a more adaptive and up-to-date product suite, as well as to improve customer support, expand customer education offerings, and create an improved atmosphere in general at the company. We’ll be covering all of these topics and updates in detail as time goes on through our blog, so be sure to check in frequently.We hope you like the new look and feel as much as we do. As always, we welcome any questions, comments, or feedback you may have about the changes that have been made, so please don’t hesitate to reach out about any aspects of Zeeno Robotics!