0.8.4 Version Release Notes

Hello Zeeno users!

We’re excited to let you know that your new app update (version 0.8.4) is here! This update features our new Zeeno branding, representative of our consistent efforts towards sleeker, more user friendly designs, in addition to enhanced functionality across all aspects of our robots.

New features of version 0.8.4 (Nutshell):
  • Our new Zeeno branding is fully integrated into the app!
  • We’ve revamped aspects of the app, thereby removing bugs
  • We’ve improved the overall functionality of the app
Overall, version 0.8.4 of the Zeeno app has radically improved performance and functionality. We’re incredibly excited for this update, and can’t wait for all of our users to make use of it. As always, we openly embrace any questions, comments, or feedback you may have about the app, or anything else regarding Zeeno Robotics.
0.8.4 Release Notes

  Displaying QR Code 

  • Display QR code will no longer break on full URLS to result in just linking ‘https’
  • Issuing incomplete commands will no longer cause the Zeeno app to close 


  • Fixed bug where saving a location with a number in it would cause some users to experience issues
  • Locations can now be saved as chair 1 or chair two but Zeeno will not allow you to have a chair 1 and a chair one.
  • These locations will be sorted correctly according to the numerical value (0-99) 
  • On-screen alert when Zeeno does not know its current location when requested to save a location 
  • Fixed a bug where if you exit and reenter the app before actually logging in to any account, you would be brought to the main screen and the app would close. 
  • Added a ‘reposition’ action and button to the Navigation Screen.
  • This will cause Zeeno to spin around a bit to familiarize itself with its surroundings, meaning it will tell itself where it is on the map.
  • Before saving a location, Zeeno checks if repositioning is required to save the location with the correct location in your office. 
  • Zeeno will prompt you to go hit the ‘reposition’ button in the navigation menu before trying again
  • Zeeno will now check if the location you are trying to save is outside of the mapped area and prevent the location from being saved if it is outside of the mapped area
  • An ‘invalid location’ alert will display on the main screen when any saved location has been detected to be potentially problematic.

Two options are given on the alert: ‘dismiss’ and ‘more info’. 

  • ‘Dismiss’ causes the alert to go away until a new location has been added or next startup of the app, ‘more info’ brings you to a screen displaying the locations that may be causing you issues and more info on what to do/what may be the issue
  • ‘Potentially’ problematic locations are those which are detected to be within walls or on the edge of mapped areas which have uncertainty about whether they are obstacles or not. ‘Likely’ problematic locations are those which are detected to be outside of the walls of the mapped area 

With this app version, we have also purged our old ZNO branded app link, please be sure to save: www.zeenorobotics.firebaseapp.com on all of your computers to ensure a smooth transition.